I'm James.

The concept of Lenon James was formed in a van while touring with a band in the early 2000's. As a touring lead singers for months at a time and then a Graphic Design college student I found myself surrounded by art and amazingly creative people. Our band photographer was one of those people. Ever since childhood, ramping my BMX off homemade jumps to now as an adult one of my favorite personal traits is the willingness to say "I can do that"....... one of my most detrimental at times also. It was at that time I picked up a camera. For years the camera never left my side and I learned the art of photography simply by doing everything wrong. The willingness to try new ideas, make mistakes and fail is truly what has fueled my growth as an artist.

From grass-roots


I grew up on a farm. Raising Angus beef cattle, sheep, rabbits and chickens. This life is what developed my feeling of "At Home" while in nature and has become the backbone of my photography style. Growing up in the country but then living and working my adult life in the city has allowed me to mesh these two experiences into a photographic style I call my own.

Creating powerful imagery

for clients.

Depth. As a human, depth is what I am attracted to in others. As an artist depth is what I long to create in every image. In my images you will find the deep blacks alongside the brightest lights. A flat image is something I avoid at all costs so whether it be a commercial shoot, brand session or portrait session you find me chasing the perfect light, the perfect season and the perfect setting for your session with the ultimate goal of creating a image we don't just see......we feel.

The Process

01. Connect

Lets chat!

Share your story

02. Conceptualize

Time to brainstorm ideas, location and
desired results.

Develop Your Vision

03. Create

The best part. Time to make an idea,
a reality.

Bring it to life